We are in awe of these floors! For our Friday Find this week we are excited to share this cutting-edge collection that we now carry by Torlys: The CorkWood Designer and CorkWood Elite

An authentic, rustic look of traditional crafted wood planks. Designflooring is a more versatile and practical alternative to laminate flooring in numerous aspects.

A flush tile heat vent is a very design forward way of adding a flush tile vent to any tiled floor space, without using bulky, metal grates.

Stanton s focus is to set new standards of innovation and design in uniquely decorative carpets. The corporation s self-branded predominantly wool product line features high quality, designer-driven patterns and styles

These floors are waterproof, Built to withstand high-traffic areas, Where can it go? Everywhere from kitchens to bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, and cottages

Cover your old flooring made of any hard surface, including concrete, vinyl, lino, hardwood or plywood, with our beautiful hard-wearing and easy to maintain vinyl flooring in a matter of minutes.